Content Marketing for Local Search

Create Content that Google Loves and Prospects Devour:

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    How Can You Improve Search Engine Optimization? You've probably come across lots of advice about how to best optimize your website for local searches, But how do you know what your business needs?
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    Content Is Important, But Who Has Time To Create It. Content Marketing is critical for local search engine optimization, so wouldn't it be nice if there were strategies to make effective content creation easy.
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    What Is The Right Content You Need To Create For Your Business? Running a business or working in it every day takes time, and it's what you know best. How do you decide what content is best to create?
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    If You Need Help Creating Content, Who Could You Even Hire? In order to create effective content, you need strategy. You need more than a marketing consultant who's really just a vendor? So who do you hire?

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This book is for business owners, marketing managers, marketing consultants, or anyone who wants to use content as a way to help their business or organization be found online.

​In The Book, You Will Discover:

​How Content Helps With SEO

Every good piece of content on your website gives you an opportunity to rank for a keyword phrase that is important to your business. This book will provide you with guidance on how to create good content for Search Engine Optimization. 

​What Types of Content to Create

Creating content can be daunting. Content Marketing for Local Search provides easy content creation ideas and help you determine the best types of content to create. The thing is, you're probably already creating usable content.

​How to Focus on the Problems You Solve

One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make when it comes to content is that they don't focus on the problems they solve. Content Marketing for Local Search helps you capitalize on this missed opportunity to help your business be found online.

​Do Strategy First

Without strategy there is no differentiation and targeting your ideal clients is pure chance. This book will help you develop a strategy to make sure you know who to create content for and what content they want to see.

Some of the Authors Certifications

Duct Tape Marketing Master Certified Consultant
DTM Certified Professional Services Marketing Expert